SOMA training with Sonia Gomes & Claudia Studer

SOMA training with Sonia Gomes & Claudia Studer.

– a method to treat emotional dysregulation using touch, movement and bodily anchoring


Clinical psychologist/advanced structural rolfer, SE teacher and member of the SETI faculty.

The SOMA method focuses on the release of emotional trauma via the body. It teaches therapists to use resonance in combination with relevant touch with the specific purpose of helping the client to experience a higher degree of grounding in the body. Bodily anchoring can be defined as a conscious experience of the presence of our own body. It occurs when we experience states of coherence and flow in the body. Bodily anchoring leads to authentic expression, to the experience of joy and trust in our own movement patterns and increased capacity for social engagement.

The SOMA method uses exercises that help deepen the experience of body awareness through touch and movement. The exercises help to release constrictions in the body and posture, and result in new opportunities for self-expression, better health and well-being.

The training will consist of theory, demonstrations and exercises, individually and in groups.

Point in time :

Soma 1 : 15-19 May 2024 “Sonia Gomes” 5 days
Soma 2: 23-27 August 2024 “Claudia Stuber” 5 days
Soma 3 : 28 Nov- 02 December 2024 “Sonia Gomes” 5 days
Soma 4 : 21-25 March 2025 “Sonia Gomes” 5 days

20 days in total.

Price: 7500 DKK per course including food & drink.

Discount: Payment for the entire course at once: DKK 25,000 DKK

Location: Hos Norup, Roskildevej 46, 2000 Frederiksberg

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